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Plex is a complete media streaming solution for your Android devices. It will be very useful for watching your favorite web content such as HD movies, latest web shows, and popular songs. It will give you complete access towards its Media Library where you can find many popular media contents that you can enjoy without losing your pocket. It is very easy to get started with this tool you just have to register an account on the application and then you can access all of your media files stored on your various devices. This tool works on a client-server architecture which uploads different media files from your devices on the secure server of this tool and then it will give you an account which is used by you to access your media files at one place. It has amazing search and filter options through which you can literally find any of the videos by just typing the title in the search bar. You can also filter different media content on the basis of different factors such as their lengths, reviews, ratings and other factors. This tool comes up with the subscription of monthly annually and for a lifetime.

Plex is available at an affordable price so you do not have to worry about your expenses while using this tool. You can set up this tool and enjoy it with your family on your Android TV to get some of the best TV shows. It also has an option of parenteral control where you can set age restrictions on Children’s so that your children’s will be lying on the safe side. It also has one of the biggest music library collection where you can literally find each and every type of music file that you love to listen. 

Download Plex on your Android device

  • Go to your Android smartphone and toggle on the network connection. 
  • Then open the Chrome web browser and Download Plex
  • Install it by agreeing to its terms and conditions. 
  • Enjoy the best media application for your Android device. 

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