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Plex is one of the most perfect media streaming solutions for the uses of smart devices. It is basically a piece of software that you can easily get for almost all of your devices. It is very easy to install and configure this tool on your different devices. This tool helps you enjoy watching your favorite TV shows for as long as you want. It has all type of TV shows from different categories and it also contains movies and other quality video content that you can enjoy instantly on your favorite devices. This app also helps you to properly organized the media content of your different devices such as your video libraries, a collection of your photos and other audio files. It uses its powerful feature to automatically categorize these different file types into different sections. It also automatically creates an interface where you can enjoy your media file in a properly managed form the process of working of this tool is very simple.

Plex just synchronizes different media files from your various devices on the server of this tool then it will give you the access of its server with an account and you can easily access all of your files from different devices at one single place by using the media client-server architecture of the tool. It is available for your Android Smartphones tablets and other devices in form of applications and it is free for download for a limited trial period and then if you want you can enhance your membership this tool allows you to enjoy live TV channel broadcast and record them to enjoy them in offline mode. 

Instructions to Download Plex into your smartphones

  • Go to your Android smartphone and connect it with the network connection. 
  • Then use your Chrome web browser Download Plex into your smartphone. 
  • Once Downloaded enjoy the best perfect media streaming tool on your Android. 

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