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Do you ever faced difficulty while trying to streaming your media files across your devices. If yes then we introduce you Plex. Plex is the top most popular media player software on the entire internet. You can simply arrange and manage your media files and easily stream them to many of your devices such as computer, mobile phone, tablet, playstation and many more. This tool also enables you to play your media files so that you don’t required any other video players. It can supports various file types such as for video files it supports many video formats such as MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV etc.. and for audio files it supports MP3, M4A, WMV, etc.. and for image files it supports JPEG, PNG, JPG, RAW and other formats. The working process of this tool is very simple it can only uses two things one is your devices and other is its media server to handle all your media files. In order to use this tool firstly you need to setup and run its client software or application according to your devices and then this tool can starts functioning and it can upload or stream your media libraries on it’s centralised server so that you can access them from any of your devices at anytime from anyplace. This app is fully compatible with almost all of your devices such as Windows, Linux, OS X, MacOs and various NAS devices such as Netgear, Drobo, Synology and many others.

Using Plex on you NAS devices is a popular trend and many users choose this option because it provides you an all-in-one device which can easily stores lot of content. So how you can utilize the power of this tool completely depends on you needs and using this tool is completely secure. 

How to Get Plex for your Smartphones 

  • Connect your smart device to a stable network connectivity.
  • Now step towards your favourite web browser and do a search for Plex.
  • Once you found it then Download Plex to your device.
  • Now enjoy this fantastic streaming app.

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