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Plex is an amazing media streaming solution that you can definitely use for your various smart devices. This is the perfect application for streaming your favorite media files in a smarter way. It will enable you to enjoy your favorite movies, TV show, web shows, podcast, music and other media content to your favorite screen. This app is also used by many users to organize their personal collection of media files. It will work absolutely fine on all of your devices like Smart TV, Android Smartphones, computer systems, laptops, iOS devices, and many other devices. It is the best application ever created for organizing and streaming of the media files. You can also get the biggest music and podcast collection created by your favorite stars at this platform to enjoy the musical entertainment. You have to start the 30-day free trial that this app provides to you. You can also record live TV broadcast of your favorite TV shows that are broadcasted over the air.

Plex will help you to get the latest news streamed to your different devices and require you to sign up an account in order to start using the functionalities of this app. It also has a subscription known as pass subscription that will enable you to access new features of this app earlier than anybody else and you will also get regular updates about new features of this app for that you have to enroll in its Pass membership. It also contains the best video player that comes inbuilt with the application which supports playback of popular media files. This application is rated more than 4.5 at many official app stores. You can also get the remote accessing facilities by using this application.

Way to Download Plex inside your Android phone

  • Go to your Chrome web browser and do a search for Plex. 
  • Then Download Plex into your smart devices and run it. 
  • Now give it the permissions that it require to install on your device. 
  • Once installed run it and enjoy the best facilities for managing and streaming your favorite media files.

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