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Do you ever want to entertain yourself with the best collection of movies, TV shows, broadcast and music within your Android-based devices? If yes then Plex is the perfect application which will offer you the biggest collection of this media content that you can enjoy watching within your Android devices. This app also offers you advanced media management feature which will help you to organise the media collection within your various devices. It also has the option of parental controls which will help you to keep your kids on the safe side while using this application. It can be also configured with your smart TV so that you can enjoy this media content with your entire family.

Plex has an amazing functionality of file streaming which will help you to easily share or stream any file across your different devices. It uses the best security techniques to secure all of your browsing history from intruders so it is fully safe to use. This application for enjoying the media content of your choice. It will also enable you to enjoy live TV and DVR broadcast within your Android devices. You can also install this app within your other devices such as your laptop, PC, Xbox, Android TV and much others. It is available in multiple languages so it is very easy to use this app from every corner of the world. This app offers you a free trial membership of one month in which you have the basic functionality of this application. If you are interested in getting more features then you have to enroll in the premium subscription of this app which is known as the Plex Pass subscription. 

Let’s Download Plex for your Android devices

  • First of all, connect your Android with the nearest Wi-Fi network. 
  • Now Download Plex through your Chrome web browsing application. 
  • Then install it by allowing the required permissions into your Android devices. 
  • Enjoy the world’s biggest collection of your favorite TV shows, movies, and podcast by using this app. 

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