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Do you want to enjoy your favourite TV programs, music and web shows into your Android device? If yes then Plex is a multifunctional application that you can use to get unlimited access to the latest movies, TV shows, music and podcast on your different devices. This application will give you the complete access to its huge collection of movies through which you can select your favourite ones and enjoying watching them on any of your devices. This application is available for all of your smart devices including your Windows computers, laptops, Android devices, USB devices, Playstations, and much others. It will also give you the facility to record live TV and DVR broadcasts within your devices. You can also get a 30 days of  trial when you sign up a Plex account on this app. This trial membership will give you the basic functionalities of this tool and if you want more features you have to enroll in the premium subscription of this tool known as Plex Pass Subscription. It is one of the highest rated media streaming app available outside on the internet. This application also give you other advanced functionalities such as remote sharing which will help you to easily access the files stored on any of your devices remotely.

Plex automatically adjusts the quality of your streams to provide you buffering free video streaming experience. This app also optimizes your videos before playing them to your device to save your mobile data. This application also has one of the biggest music library where you can easily find your favourite music tracks  and podcasts  to enjoy them by using this app. 

Way to Download Plex within your smart devices

  • Toggle on the internet connection of your Android phone. 
  • Now Download Plex through your Chrome web browser and allow it all of the required permission. 
  • Then install it properly within your Android phone. 
  • Once installed enjoy unlimited media streaming facilities provided by this app.

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