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Do you want to get the best app for enjoying nonstop media streaming services? here we have the perfect application for you to give you the best media streaming experience within your Android devices. It is known as the Plex media server app. It is a media streaming app which will allow you to enjoy the best collection of movies from various categories within your Android devices. It also helps you to enjoy many of your favorite TV series within your different devices. It has the best options to automatically synchronize the files across your different devices so that you can access them from any screen that you want.

Plex uses a media server architecture to work which will automatically upload the files from your various devices towards its server. Then you will have direct access to this server by just creating a free account of this app. It will give you the basic and Limited functionalities in the free trial and if you are interested in exploring more of the features provided by this app. You have to enroll in its premium subscription which is also known as Plex Pass subscription. It has three price tires that you can get based on your choices. You can enroll in the monthly subscription of this app at the price of $4.99 and if you want the annual subscription you have to pay $39.99. It also has a lifetime subscription which costs around $149.99 so you can select the plan or subscription of the story based on your needs. 

Let’s Get Plex on your Android devices

  • Move towards your Android phone and connect it with a working  Wi-Fi connection available outside. 
  • Then use your favorite web browsing application and Download Plex into your Android devices. 
  • Now install it properly and enjoy the world’s best media streaming application for organizing your personal media collections in a better way. 

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