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Are you ready to enjoy non-stop media streaming Services within you are various devices? If yes then Plex is the best app for you which will enable you to get your favorite movies, TV shows, music, web shows, podcast, and other media content streamed within your favorite screens. This app also has the functionality which will help you to organize your personal collection of movies TV and music, shows along with images into your various devices. It uses client-server Technology through which you can easily synchronize you are various devices and stream the media contents among them your different devices. This app requires an Internet connection to properly work. It will also give your prebuilt media player which supports almost all of the video formats including MKV, AVI, MP4 and much others so that you can easily play any other video file from your Android device within the inbuilt media player of this application.

Plex also gives you the downloading features through which you can instantly download any of these media files in your selected resolution within your devices. This app also gives you a live TV broadcast through which you can easily record live TV shows and watch them whenever you want. It is compatible with all of the smart devices such as Apple devices, Android devices, Windows computers, PlayStation, Xbox, and other modern devices. It is very easy to get started with this application for that you just have to register a free account which we will get in a trial period of 30 days and you will have the basic functionalities of this app to explore the new experience of media streaming.

Instructions to Download Plex in your Android smartphone

  • Head over to your device and ensure that it has a proper internet connection working on it. 
  • Then run your web browser and Download Plex into your Android Smartphones. 
  • Once downloaded run it through its icon and install it properly within your Android devices. 
  • Now enjoy the best apps for organizing you are various media files. 

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