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Plex is one of the best application that brings together all of your media files that matters to you. It will help you to create your own personal collection of your favorite media content and stream any of your favorite media files into your various devices. This application also has a good collection of latest web shows, trending movies and popular music tracks that you can also enjoy from this app. It will also give you options to synchronize your local media collections from various software devices. It had a server which will give you the ability to access any of your media files at a single place. This app also has the option of parental controls which will give you the ability to set up this app on your smart TVs so that you can enjoy your favorite TV programs with your family. This application is available in various different languages which will make it easier for users from other countries to understand and use this app in their own local language. It also has a support team which is always ready to give you assistance whenever you have any problem with this application. You can also enjoy the premium features of this app by enrolling in the premium subscription of this tool.

Plex will also have its own forums where you can find any queries or doubts that you have about this application. You can also visit the blog provided by this app to know about its various features and updates. It does not track your browsing activities so you are completely safe while using this app for streaming your favorite videos. 

Steps to Get Plex on your smartphones

  • Enable the internet connection with your Android device and make sure your connection is stable. 
  • Now run it your Chrome browser and Download Plex
  • Then install it in your Android smartphones. 
  • Finally, enjoy the best features to stream your favorite media files. 

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