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Do you want to get the best applications to manage your messed up media files on your various devices? If yes then Plex is the best application ever created that will allow you to instantly manage your media collections in an automated manner. This application uses a media server which can synchronize the copy of files from your devices and store them in a self-organized manner. It uses its intelligent feature to create different directories and organize your media collection within them in a beautiful interface. It also adds external artworks to these media files such as posters, descriptions, ratings, and reviews which will make it very easy for you to find out any files among these media collections. It will also give you the searching options through which you can instantly search any of your media files and get them to enjoy on your devices. This tool also has other options which will allow you to watch your favorite movies, TV shows and web shows on your Android devices. It contains a lot of latest movies that you can enjoy in multiple languages as per your choice.

Plex will also have the option of camera upload which will help you to wirelessly sync photos from your device to its media server. This will give you the option to share your photos with family and friends in an easy way. This application also helps you to control your network bandwidth so that you can adjust the speed of the network as per the requirement of your devices.

Method to Get Plex into your smartphones

  • Start your smartphone and connect it with the Internet. 
  • Now run your favorite web browser within your Android device. 
  • Then Download Plex into your smartphone by using this web browser. 
  • Now give it the necessary permissions to install it correctly on your smartphone. 
  • Enjoy the best media streaming tool ever created for giving you the royal media streaming experience.

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