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Plex is one of the smartest media streaming application ever created that will help you to enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, music, podcast and other media content on your favorite screens. It will give you all functions through which you can easily organize your big collection of movies, music and other media files stored on your various devices. You can easily access them with the single plex account on its server. It uses its powerful server and uploads a copy of your files to the server so that you can and get them at a single place. It also has the feature of automatic organizing your media collections through which you will get all of your files organized in a beautiful manner. You can also get your favorite music and podcast from the big collection of this application. You can easily create your own playlist of your favorite music collections and stream them across your various devices by using this app. It also allows you to record live TV programs that are broadcasted near your area. Then you can enjoy them offline by using this app.

Plex will give you a free account for 30 days where you can get the basic features of this app to explore and then if you are interested you can also enroll in its premium subscription called Plex Pass subscription.  It also helps you to stream any of your media files between your various devices irrespective of their distances. This will enable you to easily access the files stored on your home PC from the device present at your office in such conditions this is the best tool ever created.

Let’s Download Plex on your Android phones

  • Open up your Android and connect it to the internet connection.
  • Run your default web browser into your Android phone.
  • Now Download Plex with the help of this web browser and install it.
  • Finally, enjoy the world’s most advanced media streaming software on your favorite devices.

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