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Plex is one of the most famous media streaming application that brings together all of your favourite media content and allows you to enjoy it on any screen, no matter it is big or small. This application helps you easily stream your videos, music and photo library on your various devices. It also contains a good collection of web content where you can see top trending movies, popular TV shows and your favourite music tracks on this application. It offers you a 30-day free trial where you can create a free trial account on this platform and enjoy its limited functionalities. It also helps you to magically organize your personal media content such as your photos, music, movies, TV shows, audio files and other types of media content from your various devices. Then it will give you a beautiful interface where you can access all of these with additional artworks. It also adds rich descriptions and other related information to your media content. It also gives you are a huge collection of music tracks from tidal where you can enjoy more than 59 million of high-quality music tracks by using this application.

Plex also offers you a Pass subscription which will help you to extend the features of free trial and get additional functionalities provided by this tool. You can easily set up a premium Plex account on your smart TVs at your home and enjoy your favourite TV programs along with your family members and friends. It is entirely safe to use because it uses a strong encryption method to secure your sensitive details.

Way to Download Plex on your Android smartphones

  • Pick up your Android device and unlock it. 
  • Then make sure that it is properly connected to the Internet. 
  • Now start your favourite web browser application on your Android smartphone. 
  • Now Download Plex and enjoy its exceptional media streaming facilities on your Android devices. 

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