Download Plex

Plex app helps you to stream all your favorite videos, music and all media files easily.When you start plex application it even guides you for your first stream. Apart from these advantages plex also sort the media files and let you choose wisely, what you want listen or watch anything. One application with lots of features. It’s amazing. Plex provides you a platform where you can organize and stream in a better way. You have to download plex. Install it on your device. And you will start streaming in just a few minutes.

Plex will scan for all media files available on device and organize them. In comparison to other streaming applications plex is better one as it supports tons of different type of file types that no other application supports. Its user friendly features make it more worthy. Plex have different search option bar that allows you to search your media files by name, actors name, year and season in your collection. You can start the videos or movies from where you were at last time. It shows the related files you can select and can make a collection too. Other than it Plex have over 60 million songs and music videos for music lovers. It also shows music from your device storage. Plex also picks up tracks for you according to your mood just create mood and start listening the best tracks. Why are you still waiting? Download Plex and start streaming?

You can follow these steps to download and install Plex on your device –

1. First of all check the internet connection on your device.
2. Now open google chrome and search for Plex application.
3. Download Plex on your device and enjoy.

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