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Plex is a popular media streaming application for the uses of smart devices. This application is available for your various smart devices such as your iPhone, Android device, PC, workstations and other devices. This will provide you the options to watch and record free broadcast of your favourite TV shows available in your area. You can record the content of the TV shows into your library and access at any time without having any worries about the net connection. It also has an option of parental controls where you can control the media that your friend and family can access this tool. You can easily set up this tool on your smart TV  and control restrictions to the content that your family and friends can access through this application. It will also provide you the functionality of mobile sync through which you can easily load copies of your content stored on your smartphone from your other devices so that you can enjoy the content without having access to the internet. 

Plex also has a large library of premium music which will help you to take your music experience to the next level. It contains high quality of artwork and artist bios that you can enjoy on this music library. You will also find automatic lyrics from LyricFind tool that comes up with this application. It will give you hardware accelerated streaming through which you can enjoy your favourite videos friends without having any type of glitches. It does not consume your device memory while playing the video so that you can enjoy watching your videos to extended time periods.

The proper way to Download Plex into your smartphones

  • Open your Android device and unlock it. 
  • Then connect it with the internet connection. 
  • Now start your favourite web surfing application on your Android phone and Download Plex
  • Then install it properly by providing it the necessary permissions. 
  • Once installed enjoy the amazing features provided by this app to stream your media files on your Android devices. 

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