Download Plex

Plex is one of the smartest media streaming application that you can use within your various different smart devices. It will provide you all of your favourite movies, music, web shows broadcast and more at a single place and give you the ability to stream them to your favourite screens. This tool provides you the complete media management utility through which you can manage your different type of media files on your devices. It also synchronizes a copy of your files on the server and organizes them automatically by adding custom artworks to them so that they can look more beautiful and then it will give you the access to your files by creating a free Plex account with 30-day free membership. It also has an option where you can record over-the-air live TV broadcast in your area and watch them later whenever you want. It also has a personalized recommendation feature which will give you a personalized feeds full of your favourite content that matters to you. The more you use this application the more intelligent it becomes and it suggests the media content in which you are interested.

Plex also has a lot of other advanced features that you can unlock by enrolling in its premium subscription. It will give you the option of parental controls where you can control the media that your friend and family can access through this tool. You can set up this tool on your home TV and create, customized and manage your account. You also have the option to restrict content those users can access. It will also have a premium music library where you can enjoy better artwork and artist bios along with the latest music tracks. 

The process of Download Plex for Android devices

  • Go to the Smartphone and check that its internet connection is working properly. 
  • Now open any of your favourite web browsers. 
  • Then Download Plex on your smartphone. 
  • Now run it through its icon and install it correctly on your device. 
  • Once installed completely open it and enjoy its advanced media streaming features.

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