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Do you want to enjoy your favourite media content on your smartphones? If yes then Plex is the best application for you. It will provide you the complete media streaming solution through which you can easily watch your favourite movies, TV shows, and your favourite channels. Plex contains a huge library of media content that you can enjoy streaming within your devices. It is compatible with all of your smart devices like Android, iOS, Windows-based devices and a lot of others. Plex will also provide you the functionality to easily record and enjoy live TV broadcast of your favourite TV shows. You can also get the option to easily download your favourite media content on your device for offline playback. Plex also offers its premium subscription which is known as pass subscription.

Plex will enhance your reach over the features of this tool and give you its exceptional and advanced functionalities. In this premium subscription, users will get early access and the latest news about this tool and its other applications. Plex also allows you to synchronize your large media collections stored on your various device at a single place by using its powerful server. You can access all of your files anytime that you want by just registering a free account. It also provides parental controls so that you can control the media that you are kids can access both in and out of your home. You can also set up this tool on your smart TVs and enjoy your favourite media content with your family.

The process to Download Plex on your Android devices

  • Turn on the internet connection on your Android smartphone and confirm that it works properly. 
  • Now fire up the Chrome web browser on your Android device. 
  • Then Download Plex and install it correctly within your smartphone. 
  • Finally, open it and enjoy its advance feature to enjoy the royal treatment of your media content. 

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