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Plex is a professional media streaming application that brings all of your favourite media content including your favourite TV shows, movies, web series, and other content at a single place so that you can enjoy them whenever you want. This app also allows you to browse your favourite media from its huge media collection. In the collection of this app, you will find all kinds of media from various categories. This application also has the necessary features that will help you in the management of your media files on your various devices. It will automatically organize your media according to their formats and additionally this app also retrieve metadata from the internet and adds them with your media files so that your media looks more interesting. It will organize your media library in a beautiful manner so that you can easily find any kind of file quickly when you need them.

Plex will also have a unique option of live TV broadcast that allows you to capture your favourite TV shows that are broadcasted at your location. This application is available for all of your smart devices including your laptops, PC, Android phones, iPhone, PlayStation, Smart TVs and many other so you can enjoy the benefits of this app on almost all of your smart devices. It will also give you the option to download any kind of media file from the internet on your device so that you can enjoy them later without needing an internet connection. This application also provides a complete solution for parents to take control over the content that their kids are watching on the internet.  They can easily set age restrictions so their kids remain safe while enjoying their favourite media content through this application.

How to Download Plex on your smartphone

  • First of all toggle on the internet connection within your Android.
  • Then check that your smartphone has an active network connection.
  • Now open your Chrome web browser and Download Plex.
  • Then install it on your device and enjoy its amazing features.

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