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Plex is the best media server application that will help you to enjoy the facilities of home media sharing and managing. It will give you a complete solution so that you can perfectly manage your media content on various smart devices. This application can be easily installed on your Central server and give you the ability to store all of your media files on the server and then provides you the remote access of your server on any of your smart devices that has this app installed on them. You can also watch many varieties of online media content with the help of this application. It also offers its premium subscription where you can get unlocked features of this app to experience the full potential of media streaming and management provided by this application. This application also provide you a media player through which you can easily play any kind of audio and video file on your Android phone. It will also provide you remote accessing facilities so that you can access the files stored on your different devices whenever you need them.

Plex will give you an option to synchronize all of your files to its media server so that you can access all of them together through the web interface of this application. It will give you are 30 days of trial periods where you will get the limited functionality of this app to explore it. It will also help you to securely manage your files by using a strong encryption technique so that no one can access them without your permission.

Best way to Download Plex on your Android phone

  • Make sure to connect your Android device with a working internet connection.
  • Then launch the best web browser application of your Android phone.
  • Now Download Plex and install it correctly within your Android device by providing it the required permissions.
  • Finally, have fun with the amazing features provided by this media server application.

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