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Plex is a must-have media streaming solution for all of the users who want to enjoy the best media streaming features on their Android phones. This application will give you a collective database of all kinds of media files so that you can enjoy your favourite movies, web series and TV programs. It also gives you many other videos in its collection that you will love to enjoy. You just have to use the search feature of this app in order to find the media in which you are interested. It will also provide you a personalized media feed that automatically gives you a recommendation based on your interest. It will also help you to never get bored with this application by providing the latest and the newest kind of videos. You can also use the powerful set of filters provided by this application to sort out your search results based on various aspects including upload date, view count, category, popularity language, and many others. Plex also provides you many other free features like security, casting, sharing, remote access and many others that you can enjoy within the free trial of this application.

Plex will give you a trial period of 30 days which expires after your free period is over then if you are interested in getting more of this application then you need to upgrade the membership of this application. It also allows you to view videos stored on your mobile device or on your SD card in its beautifully designed interface.

Instructions to Download Plex within your Android smartphone

  • First of all, enable the internet connectivity of your Android device and see that it is stable.
  • Then launch the Chrome web browser of your Android and Download Plex.
  • Once downloaded install this app on your device by allowing the permissions needed by it.
  • Now run it within your device and enjoy fantastic features of this media streaming app.

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