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PlexPlex an easy to use and convenient media player application that allows you to stream your favourite media across your various smart devices. It uses a client-server architecture to give you seamless streaming facilities. It will synchronize various types of media files from your various devices to a single server and then give you access to all your files in an organized way. It is very useful if you want to simplify your messed up media collections. Then you just have to install this tool on your device and synchronize your data to the server. Then it adds custom artwork to your media and organizes them in a beautiful way. This app also comes up with an integrated media player which allows playback of any kind of audio or video on your Android.

Plex also helps you to enjoy the facilities of remote sharing with which you can remotely share your media files across your various smart devices. It will help you to access any files stored on your home PC from your computer at the office so you will get the best streaming experience. It also has a premium music library that is only accessible to royal subscribers of this app. It will give them a nice collection of 60 million music tracks where they can get all of their favourite music and artist bios. It also helps you to control the video resolution of your streams so that you can save your network bandwidth while streaming your favourite media content. It was absolutely fine on a weak internet connection by compressing your media stream so you can enjoy your favourite media without having any glitches.

Method to Download Plex within your Android phone

  • Confirm that the Wi-Fi of your Android is enabled and your device is connected to the nearest wireless network.
  • Now launch any web browser within your Android phone and Download Plex.
  • Then run it on your device and install it carefully.
  • Finally, open it and enjoy Royal treatment to your media files.

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