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PlexAre you looking for the best way to enjoy all of your favourite media content on a single screen? If yes then Plex is the required application that will help you to do that. It will give you a fully functional media streaming solution through which you can easily stream any of your media files across your various devices. This application also synchronizes your media files on its server and arranges them in a good manner. It will also add custom artworks to your media so that you can easily differentiate your different file types. You can also get the basic options to create directories and manually manage your media on the server of this application.

Plex also offers a premium subscription where the user can enjoy additional benefits of this application. It has a big music library which contains high quality of music tracks, ringtones and sounds that you will love to enjoy. You can easily download your favourite music from this application. It also allows you to create your own custom playlist and enjoy it whenever you want. This application also takes care of your security while you use it by providing strong encryption method so that no one can really trace what kind of media files are you watching on this app. You can also backup your useful media files on a separate directory on the server of this application so that you can easily restore them whenever needed. This app also supports the feature of Chromecast through which you can directly stream your media on your bigger screens.

Steps to Download Plex into your smart devices

  1. Make sure to toggle on the network connection of your Android device.
  2. Now Download the Chrome browser and do a search for Plex.
  3. Then Download Plex and install it properly on your device.
  4. Finally, enjoy high-quality media management features provided by this app on your Android phone.

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