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PlexPlex is an Ultimate media streaming application that you can use on your Android phone to have a greater media stream experience. This app will provide you the feature of live TV and DVR with which you can enjoy the recording of your favourite TV programs and enjoy them offline within your Android device. It will give you the option to record media content into your library to get all the benefits of other content. This app also gives you a personalized media feed where you will find the media content of your interest so that you will never get bored while using this app. It also provides you a premium photo library that will give you the ability to make your personal photos and videos pop. It also has an auto tag option which will help you to get location information from your photos and do a lot of things. This application also shows the automatic options to adjust the bandwidth of the media that you are streaming on your Android device. It will help you to save your mobile data while streaming your favourite media content.

Plex also provides you early access to the premium users to new features of this app. It also supports Chromecast that will help you to stream your favourite media on your bigger screens. It will also provide you free access to various Plex apps that you can enjoy on your various smart devices including your Android, iOS, Windows and other devices. It is also very safe to use this app.

Way to Download Plex on your Android phone

  • First of all, make sure that you have properly connected your Android device with the nearest Wi-Fi network.
  • Then run your favourite web browsing app on your Android and Download Plex.
  • Now install this application on your Android and open it.
  • Finally, enjoy this Amazing media streaming app on your Android device.


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