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PlexPlex is a multimedia application which will help you to get all of your favourite media streams at a single place on your smart devices. This application will give you unlimited access to popular media from all categories including your favourite movies, TV shows, broadcast, music and many more. You can easily download media files on your smart devices with the help of downloading option provided by this application. It has a clean and easy to use interface which will make it easier for you to navigate this application. It also gives you the option to record over the air broadcast of your favourite media content and enjoy them on your Android phones. This app also has an amazing facility automatically organized and stream collection of media files anywhere on all of your devices. This app also provides you the option of synchronization with which you can synchronize files stored on your devices on the server of Plex.

Plex also provides you extreme music and podcast enjoyment where you can explore more than 60 million songs and podcasts and import them in your own music collection. This app will give you the option to enjoy the latest trailers of your favourite movies on demand on all of your devices. You can also get the option to follow your favourite musicians and artists in this app. It can be also installed on many different devices including your PC, Laptop,s Android TV, Smartphones, PlayStations and a lot of others. It will give you a free Plex account for a trial period of 30 days where you can enjoy the Limited functionality of this app. You can also enroll in premium subscription in order to get premium features of this application known as Plex Pass

How to Download Plex on your Android devices

  • Make sure to enable the network connectivity of your device.
  • Then Download Plex with the help of your favourite web browser on your Android.
  • Now install this media streaming application within your device by providing permission.
  • Finally, enjoy its amazing media streaming functionalities on your Android.

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