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PlexPlex is one of the smartest media streaming applications available outside on the internet. It allows users to stream their media collections across various smart devices. This application is available for a wide range of smart devices which include your Android phones, iOS devices, Windows-based systems, PlayStations, Xbox, Android TV and a lot of others. This app uses a cloud server to synchronizes your media file and then and it will provide you with its streaming services. This app has intelligent management features that automatically arranges your media collections in a properly organized manner on the server of this app, then you can access your media files with a beautifully designed interface given by this application to you. It will help you to enjoy the limited facilities of the app for a trial period of a few days. You can literally enjoy any kind of media by using this app like your favourite music, podcasts, photos, movies, TV shows, TV channels, and others.

Plex also has a premium subscription through which you can unlock many advanced features of this app. It will provide you with a premium feature of media control through which you can set restrictions on your account as per your requirements. You can also set up Plex on your smart TV to enjoy your favourite TV shows and channels with your friends and relatives. It will also provide your royal music streaming experience where you will get an updated collection of 60 million music tracks to browse from. You can create your own playlist and enjoy listening to them with the help of this application.

How to Download Plex on your Android smartphone

  1. First, make sure that your mobile phone is connected to the nearest Wi-Fi connection available at your location.
  2. Then find the Chrome web browser and open it.
  3. Now Download Plex on your Android phone and install it properly.
  4. Then open this media streaming application and have fun with its amazing features.


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