Download Plex for Amazon Alexa

PlexAmazon Alexa is a new virtual assistant developed by Amazon, this is like ‘Ok Google’ or ‘Siri’ feature where you can have a conversation of just command and it does accordingly. This was first introduced in Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot, both of these are smart speakers developed by Amazon Lab. This artificial intelligence is capable of having a conversation, play music, make to-do lists, setting alarms, stream podcasts, playing audiobooks and providing other information like weather forecasts, traffic updates, sports related information, new updates and much more. Alexa can also control many smart devices with its cutting edge home automation system, this feature is only available if all the smart devices and Alexa are connected with the Wifi. Amazon Alexa is available in four languages like English, French, German and Japanese, other languages are expected with the next update. You can download the Amazon Alexa app on your iOS or Android devices, it has round shaped white logo with a sky blue background.

Plex is an all in one media player which also lets you stream videos and music online, this app is available for several platforms like Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS devices, it supports some type of NAS devices as well. The best thing about Plex is that it can play any type of audio and video file may it be any format, this app is also has a premium version which has a monthly subscription also known as Plex Pass. You can also enhance its features by downloading third party add-ons that are available in the ‘app store’ in Plex. To know how to use Plex with Amazon Alexa step by step instructions are provided below.

Download Plex for Amazon Alexa

  1. Download Alexa app on your mobile device.
  2. Run the app and navigate to skills located in the sidebar menu.
  3. Search for Plex and select it.
  4. Now tap on Enable button under the Plex logo.
  5. Now you will be redirected to sign-in and authenticate your Plex account.
  6. Simply tap on Authorise to allow Alexa to access your Plex account.
  7. Now you can access your Plex account and play audio using Amazon Alexa.

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