Download Plex for Apple TV

PlexThis is for all those Apple junkies out there, Plex cis finally available for Apple TV. This is a micro-console digital media player which is developed and sold by Apple, think of it as a small entertainment device that receives data and can stream on a television. You need to have HDMI port available on your TV to use this device. Apple TV has no integrated controls whatsoever and it can be controlled by Apple remote, Siri remote or you can turn your iOS device like iPhone, iPod Touch even Apple watch into a remote. It lets you watch videos in an amazing 4k HDR. It brings you all the best live content as well from its digital content partners which are Netflix, Hulu, Now TV, Sling TV, Playstation Vue, Amazon Prime Video, DirecTV, Youtube, Vevo, HBO Now and many others. You can also play content from your macOS or Windows computer running iTunes. It has a A10X Fusion chip which provides a powerful platform and you can add accessories like external controllers, headphones, etc to get the next level experience. You can also connect to your friends and family and share photos, videos using Airplay.

Plex is an all in one media streaming app where you can watch all your favourite movies, TV shows, home videos, pictures, listen to your favourite songs, etc. Plex app is getting popular as it provides some of the best and unique features. It provides high resolution videos with immense sound quality, Plex has subtitles available in more than 23+ languages and you can adjust the font, color of the subtitles as needed. You need a proper internet connection or Wifi to use Plex, If you want, you can also go premium with Plex Pass that is given to all the exclusive members, for which you have to take monthly subscription. Plex is now also available for Apple TV, you can follow the instructions below which is a step by step guide for how to get it on Apple TV.

Download Plex for Apple TV.

  1. Start your Apple TV.
  2. Open App Store from the main screen.
  3. Simply type ‘Pex’ in the search bar and proceed.
  4. When you find the app go to its homepage and tap on the ‘Install’ button.
  5. Once installed run Plex and you will have to log in with your Plex account credentials.
  6. You will receive a code to link your account with Apple TV.
  7. Go to and provide the numeric code.
  8. After confirmation you can select the server and enjoy streaming your favourite shows.

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