Download Plex for Caavo

PlexCaavo is a company that provides set top boxes that are simply the best, it comes with a 4K UHD base unit which has a customizable wooden case, a rechargeable remote, cable set including HDMI and Ethernet cables, and more. It comes with a lifetime service which has unlimited phone and email support. You can simply plug anything from cable, satellite, sticks, gaming consoles, DVD or Blu-ray players into Caavo and it does the rest. It comes with a 30 day return guarantee if you are not satisfied. It has tons of features like Amazon Alexa support from which you can change your channels or find the shows you want to watch with voice control. It has a flexible setup as it automatically detects and configures your device, it is AVR friendly and you get high definition surround sound. Do note that Caavo does not supports 4k UHD but not HDR. It is a very lightweight device and a must have tech to own.

It is very simple to download Plex using Caavo and you can watch your favorite shows, movies, podcasts, live games and almost anything on Plex. This is the best entertainment app that has it all, you can stream live and listen to your favourite music tracks without any limits, for additional features you can download Plex Pass which has a monthly subscription. Plex Pass gives you the royal treatment you deserve by providing access to premium content like latest movies, Live Games and much more. It even has all the latest shows that aired on TV at your disposal and you can watch them anywhere anytime. Plex Pass has parental control feature that is very helpful to restrict abusive or violent content from their children. You can also share photos wirelessly with your friends and family using Plex.

Download Plex for Caavo

  1. You can watch your favourite shows on Plex.
  2. Just connect anything from cable, satellite, streaming boxes, sticks, etc and connect it with your AVR or TV.
  3. Caavo automatically switches between your devices and services so you watch your favourite content without any hassle.

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