Download Plex for Daydream

PlexThe most awaited virtual reality Daydream headset by Google is finally here, Daydream was announced at the Google developer conference in May 2016 and later in November it was launched. The first generation Daydream seems like any other VR headset where you place your smartphone in the front compartment and then view it through the VR headset but Google had to make a statement by providing the best, Daydream has a very classy outer look which also gives a premium feel, it is was launched in the ‘Slate’ color option and later two more colors were made available ‘Crimson’ and ‘Snow’. It is extremely light and and a snug fit which gives your a theatrical experience. It has the best cushioning which does not make you uncomfortable even after using it for hours. It comes packed with wireless controller that can be used to interact with the virtual world with a press of a button or by waving the device. There are also sensors that track the orientation. Daydream controller has a touchpad as well which has two circular buttons, one is the home button and the other is fo apps, two volume buttons are located along with a status light.

Plex is one of the best online media streaming apps which allows you to stream all your favourite movies, TV shows, podcasts, online streams and much more in the best quality. Plex is free to use open media source player but there are some premium features that aren’t available in the free package but can be unlocked with a Plex Pass, this is if your are a premium user and have a monthly subscription. Plex can be used with several devices and it now supports VR headsets too.

Download Plex for Google Daydream.

  1. First you need a Daydream compatible phone.
  2. Download the Plex VR app for Android.
  3. Version 1.8.1 or later is recommender for Plex app on your device.
  4. Launch ‘Plex VR app’ and it will ask you to sign in.
  5. Simply connect Daydream with your device.
  6. Now you can watch your favourite videos using Plex on Daydream.

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