Download Plex for NVIDIA SHIELD

PlexNVIDIA SHIELD is an Android TV based digital media player produced by Nvidia, this was first released in May 2015 it is a type of micro console which allows you to stream, play and download games. Like all other Android TV’s out there it can also enhance its features with the right apps. It is also known as the Shield Android TV or Shield Console. NVIDIA SHIELD has a 4k resolution video quality at 60fps over and HDMI 2.0 output and also supports HEVC encoded video, it comes in 16 GB flash storage or a 500GB hard drive variant. The latest version was released in 2017 of the 16 GB model with an upgraded controller which has an microphone. The new version runs on Shield Experience Upgrade 5.0 which was released on 16 Jan 2017 and is based on Android ‘Nougat’. It utilizes Nvidia’s Tegra X1 system on chip, based on ARM Cortex-A57 CPU and has Nvidia’s Maxwell microarchitecture GPU and 3 GB of RAM. NVIDIA SHIELD 500GB hard drive Shield Pro model contains two ports for internet connection, gigabit Ethernet and 802.11ac Wifi.

You can get Plex for you NVIDIA SHIELD, Plex is a free media streaming app which can also store all your media. You can store pictures, movies, TV Shows, home videos and much more. Plex organises all your content in a very orderly manner which is easy to access. You need to have a proper internet connection or Wifi to use Plex, with this you can have on Demand shows and movies as well with the best resolution. Plex also has some premium features which are paid and you need a Plex Pass to access them.

Download Plex for NVIDIA SHIELD

  1. First you need to have a Plex account, if you don’t have one, go to the Plex website and create one.
  2. Now simply download the Plex app on your NVIDIA SHIELD.
  3. Link your Plex account with the Plex app on your Shield.
  4. Once linked it will automatically search for your Plex Media Server.
  5. If you haven’t set up your Plex Media Server don’t worry.
  6. On the next screen you’ll see an option to set it up.
  7. After the Setup tap on ‘enable Plex Media Server’ and accept the permissions it requires.
  8. Now you use Plex whenever you want on your Shield. Enjoy.

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