Download Plex for Oculus Go

PlexOculus Go is a VR headset made by an American Technology company founded by Palmer Luckey, Brendan Iribe, Michael Antonov and Nate Mitchell in July 2012. This company is based in Menlo park, California. It specialises in virtual reality software and hardware products. Oculus Go is basically a video gaming VR headset that was first announced at Rift and a Kickstarter campaign was started which raised over $2.4 million for the development of of two designs. However, the final product was released on 28 March 2016 which had a completely different design, specialised VR Display, positional audio and infrared tracking system. Oculus Go is developed in partnership with Qualcomm and Xiaomi. Being a stand alone headset it comes with a controller and has two storage configurations available, one with 32GB and the other with 64GB. The headset doesn’t have any headphone jack but it has two spatial audio speakers build inside the head strap. Oculus Go’s user interface is available in 25 languages.

Plex is a media streaming app that you can use to watch movies, TV shows, Sports and almost any kind of video file, you can also stream music and share the things you It is very easy to watch your  favourite videos as they are just a single click away. If you want to go premium then you can buy the Plex Pass, this is a monthly subscription which gets you additional features like parental control, premium channels, on demand movies and much more. Plex is now available for VR headsets with its new Plex VR app. It has full 360 degree support and and 3D videos which you can watch anytime, just point and click to play videos on your VR.

Download Plex for Oculus Go

  1. Download Plex VR app from Oculus Store.
  2. Plex streaming app version must be 1.8.1 or later if you’re going to use it with a VR.
  3. Now turn on your supported device and connect it with Wifi.
  4. Enable DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) which is ‘Plex’ in this case on your Windows or Mac.
  5. Now put on your Oculus Go and make sure it is also connected to the same Wifi.
  6. Choose Gallery located below on the toolbar menu
  7. Select Plex and you are good to go.

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