Download Plex for Playstation 4

PlexWe all are well aware of what a Playstation is, recently Sony Interactive Entertainment released its latest Playstation 4 launched on November 15 2014 which is their eighth generation home video game console, successor to Playstation 3 it has significant improvements like the console is now much lighter and has a sleek design and it offers 1TB hard drive and all the best games, with Playstation 4 you can connect with friends and play online multiplayer matches which also has a voice chat feature that amplify the whole experience. You can watch live streams of just stream your game live to your audience. It is very easy to share screenshots or videos of your games.

Plex is getting popular day by day, this is a media streaming platform which also helps you store all your media content like Movies, TV Shows, Music, Pictures, Home Videos and all the other media content. Plex can play all music and video formats, it has multi language support so you can opt to change the language preference as per your comfort. Plex stores and organises all your media content in a manner that is easy to access. You can use Plex whenever you want and stream your favourite content on the go. It is available on Windows, macOS, Linux and most of the NAS devices, you can download the Plex app on smart TV’s and streaming boxes or get it on  mobile devices like iOS and Android. You can also access the web app directly. Here you can use your Playstation 4 as a Plex client with the steps provided below.

Download Plex for Playstation 4

  1. Open the Playstation Store.
  2. Tap on the search bar located on the top left.
  3. Type Plex and search.
  4. Plex page will open up, now tap on ‘Download’.
  5. Once installed you have to link your Plex account.
  6. Visit with another device and add your account.
  7. Type the code provided to you and you’re good to go.
  8. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of Plex app on your Playstation 4.

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