Download Plex for Xbox 360

PlexXbox 360 is one of the best gaming consoles developed by Microsoft, this is a modified version of the original Xbox. You can play games with best quality graphics and with its Xbox Live feature online games can be played or downloaded. You can also stream music, videos and shows directly from your PC and do much more with third party apps that are available to download in its own app store. It comes with wireless controllers which are easy to use and feel comfortable in your hand, also it has a Kinect motion sensing camera and a different version with extended hard drive storage is also available. Till the end of June 2014 over 84 million pieces were sold worldwide making this console sixth highest selling video game console ever. Xbox 360 makes playing your favourite games more fun and is a great specs overall.

Plex is an entertainment app that allows you to stream your all your favourite shows on any device, it has all the great TV shows and movies that you can watch, it offers high definition video streaming. When you download Plex for free you get Plex Web App which you can use to watch your favourite content on several devices including Amazon fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Plex Media Player, Roku, gaming consoles like Playstation and Xbox. You can also get the Plex Pass which has premium content and additional features. You can stream latest movies, trailers or even behind the scenes from your movie library. It is very simple to set up Plex Home for your family and you can switch devices if needed and continue with your stream with ease.

Download Plex for Xbox 360

  1. Simply download Plex from Xbox Games Store.
  2. Once the download is finished, get familiar with the interface.
  3. Now launch Plex Web App.
  4. Go to and enter the code provided to link your Plex account.
  5. Now you can stream videos on Xbox 360 using Plex.

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