Download Plex for Android

Download from Google Play

Download .APK File

Requires minimum Android 4.0. No root required.

Here’s how you can install the apk file.

1. Download the apk file.
2. Navigate to Settings >> Security >> Device Management >> Toggle “Unknown Sources”.
3. Navigate to Download Manager and proceed with installation of the apk file.
4. Follow up with the screen and complete it.
5. Enjoy!

Download Plex for iOS

Plex is supported on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple TV. Requires minimum iOS 9.3.

Download from iTunes

Download Plex for PC

Download .EXE File

1. Download the exe file.
2. Locate to Downloads Folder and run the plex.exe as administrator.
3. Save the software on C Drive and proceed with the installation.
4. Enjoy!

Requires minimum Windows 7.

Download Plex for Mac

Download .ZIP File

Requires minimum OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

Download Plex for Linux

Ubuntu-64 Bit

Ubuntu-32 Bit

Requires minimum 10.04 Lucid or newer.